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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Feeling woefully out of step 07/23/00

I am feeling every bit my age today.  I have been involved in a discussion about the Writings and feel like I am out of touch with contemporary thought.

This old Gramster always understood that the second revelation fulfilled and expanded the first and was in turn fulfilled and expanded by the third. 

As I understand what I am hearing, people whose opinion I respect seem to believe that the third is to be fulfilled and expanded by each individual, according to his or her personal inspiration from the Lord. 

Maybe it is my advanced age and low energy level, but that just seems beyond my grasp.  Saying I believe the Writings to be divine in origin and nature and therefore eternal, not subject to cultural bias, seems a fuddy-duddy thing to say.  But it is what I believe. 

Am going to have to ponder on this.

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