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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July! 07/04/00

I am going to keep this short.  It is hot and muggy and I am just not up to much.

We had a WONDERFUL time last night.  It was fun watching how well John and Deno hit it off and a special treat to visit with Deno and Carol. 

The early evening had an interesting ebb and flow - Deno would be in the kitchen, giving me a chance to gab with Carol, then Carol would be out in the kitchen, giving me a chance to talk with Deno.

I enjoyed listening to Elsa and Justine and Justine's house guest, Lindsay Reuter, having a high old time out in the kitchen, laughing and singing show tunes, of all things.   

I am still smiling remembering hearing Justine, Lindsay and Elsa singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, all three dissolving into laughter at the end because none of them could hit the high notes.

The three of us agree - it was one of the best parties we have ever had.

Enough writing.   Time for a - O Joy! - shower.   

Happy 4th - Kay

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