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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who is ME? 07/15/00

Writing about my "Old Age Ain't For Sissies" TAJ posting, KAB noted, “This is  a good one for your article.  It sounds more like you than some of your earlier TAJ workings.  Keep on sharing!”
She raises a good point about sounding - or not sounding - like "me."  Most  of what I have shared over the past week has come from doing a lot of  listening - to all sorts of audio tapes, or having Elsa read aloud to me,  since my eyes have not been up to par for over a year.  

It is hard for even  me to know when it is Kay Lockhart having an original thought and when it is  Louise Hay or Christiane Northrup or Marianne Williamson or Deprak Chopra or  Steven Covey or Barbara Sher or John Bradshaw or Mary Pipher or Antoine  de  Sainte-Exupery or Nathaniel Branden or Scott Peck or SARK or Alan Cohen or  Ram Dass or Carolyn Foster or A.A. Milne and so on and so forth.

ME is changing so fast it is hard to keep up at times.  It feels like more bubbles up to the surface than ever before - well, since I fell in love, married and became a mom for the first time.  We are even trying to  put together my very own web site, which seems ... well, I do not know what  it seems, but it does.  

Talk about "the times today are a'changing"  ~ who'd  'a thunk that I would set foot anywhere near a meeting of people considering  the role of women within the General Church, but there I was Monday evening,  feeling right at home, sitting front and center, and enjoying it immensely.

Disclosure ~ a key part of the recent postings was not my own idea.  Elsa  dreamt up  The Velveteen Grammie title, based on a discussion we had last night. A  Lockphy Murphart favorite (a natural, considering all our stuffies), she had  to fish the book out of their bedroom bookcase for me to look up the long quote.

Sorry if I spouted off a bit in this posting.  KAB hit a nerve.  Some family  members  discount what they seem to consider my blusterings, attributing them  to Elsa, as if I were a mindless nimcompoop who could not have a serious  thought of my own.   

Kris' comment hit a nerve, but it has gotten my curiosity up and  running.  Which parts did not sound like me?  Were they things said or style?    Please let me know more and that goes for all of you.  One big request – be  specific.  Generalities leave me hanging about what seemed off key.

 Nite-nite and God bless - am off to have my face washed and onto bed!  Love – KRL

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