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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vessels 07/29/00

Every month, I give, whenever possible, $100.00 toward household expenses.  To prepare themselves for when I am reunited with Pete, John & Elsa now use the monies toward non-essential uses.  It might go toward investments, a special evening out for the three of us (going to Chart House to celebrate Scott & Kimberly's wedding, for example), or a special purchase. 

This month, Elsa suggested using the designated funds for books/audio tapes from a catalogue called ISABELLA.  Together, we read descriptions of each of the four items under consideration - Breathing as a Metaphor for Life, The Four-Fold Way, Losing a Parent, and Everyday Blessings. 

Elsa also read the write up for a "vessel" necklace.  It moved me very much.  I am still surprised at how much it moved me. 

VESSEL  NECKLACE (tiny vessel on a 30" bronze or silver chain) If I think of one symbol of the Feminine, what comes to mind is the idea of being a vessel.  Both physically as we birth our children and spiritually as we carry forth the role of nurturer in our lives, the vessel represents the essence of Feminine energy,  Feminine energy longs to form containers, to make safe space which can hold and care for the ideas and people we love. The desire to make safe space fuels much of our behavior as we make our homes, nurture our relationships and build community.  It is invisible, the building of containers, for there is seldom tangible evidence of its existence.  But when the energy of the Feminine is missing we surely feel her loss.  Our homes become houses, our relationships shallow, for, if there is nothing holding us, how can we feel safe enough to share our struggles and our joys.  Containers make room for process and process makes way for growth. 

This was put in my path to share.   

Love to you all on a grey, humid Saturday afternoon - CyberGram

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