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Sunday, July 13, 2014

TAJ III - a most unusual paradox 07/13/00

“Setting my limits is setting me free.”     A young friend wrote that to me yesterday, describing her experience.  I had been trying and trying to come up with similar wording, and there it was, just wanting to be used.

That is a paradox of my life - before I can be freed of limitations, before boundaries can be dissolved, they must first be defined.  It took me a very long time to understand differentiation, but now it is one of my favorite words.  I cannot be set free from boundaries I do not acknowledge.  Sounds tricky, that.

I was the master of the fuzzy boundary.  I could express myself with well-turned ambiguity, allowing three or more people to interpret one statement three or more ways.

By setting my limits, by seeing boundaries between myself and others, those limits and boundaries become free to fall away.  I do not really understand this but it is what I have experienced.   

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