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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Amazing Grace 02/27/00

Elsa came home from church today positively twittering - the young people's choral group had sung one of my favorite songs, "Amazing Grace," immediately after the final hymn and she said it had an especially effective arrangement. 

We listened to Tom's talk together, occasionally rewinding so I could hear a certain part over again, sometimes pausing to discuss a particular point.  

We came to the closing of the WORD and the final hymn, waiting for the first words, "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..."  only there was no sound.  The person recording the service stopped after the last hymn.   I was so disappointed, I felt like getting down on the floor and kicking and screaming .   The person also had apparently not recorded any of the opening music and the recording starts after Tom was already into his talk.  Why  leave out any of the music?  Music, especially church music, lifts me up as nothing else can.  It takes me outside of myself.

I remember a time about twenty or so years ago, when I was on my way to or from a visit to Australia and stayed for a few days with Marcelite Kline, Tom's mother, who lived in Pasadena.  She took me to a Samoan church to hear the beautiful music, which the congregation sang without benefit of books because they knew it so well.   She explained that most of the congregants were domestic help in wealthy homes. 

Marcelite had not mentioned how beautifully everyone  dressed - this was their time to give thanks to the Lord and they wanted to do it in style. 

The sight and the congregation’s singing was glorious, but nothing could have prepared me for hearing "Amazing Grace" sung by their choir - in Samoan. 

Could it really have been twenty years ago?  Seems the blink of an eye. 

Nite-nite and God bless ~ Mom/Gocky, Grammie, Grandma L./Nan/Aunt Kay/Kay

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