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Saturday, March 8, 2014

in praise of my menfolk 02/23/00

In looking ahead to my March 7 surgery and recuperation, today I did what any right thinking woman of my generation would do - got my hair done.

John took me to the hairdresser, who has been doing my tresses for the past 40 years, gently helped me up the stairs and did not leave until he was sure I was safely tucked away in the beautician chair.  When he returned to pick me up, there was a little time for Jo and John to get to know each other.   (It seems that every woman I know takes to John right off and he takes to them.)   

I was surprised when he settled me in the car, then headed back into the beauty parlor.  Well, I was beginning to get a bit worried when he reappeared about 5 minutes later - with a stack of magazines under his arm that Jo thought we'd like perusing.  Clearly, he added Jo to his list of fans!

When I look at John, I cannot help but think of my dear husband, Pete. Actually, he was christened Raymond Lewis Lockhart, but at his baptism, Uncle Andrew took one look at him and declared, "He's not a Raymond, he's a Pete!"  And Pete he was, from that day forward.

I have a confession to make - all my life, I've been taught that it is wrong to make spiritual judgements, but I just know in my heart that my loves will someday be fully reconjoined with the loves that are my Pete.  He made me feel so special, so cherished and appreciated.  

It has been 26 years since he died and I miss him every day - morning, noon & night.  ("All I do the whole day through is dream of you.")  From the day we met in 1935 (at a New Year's Eve party I gave for my visiting sister, Betty), it seemed we knew the other was THE one.   

Pete was so shy, the fellow who brought him as an "extra man" to the party slipped one of my mother's silver teaspoons into his pocket so that Pete would have to call me again.  But he was never shy with me.  From the first kiss to our last in this life, he was my ardent lover and loyal best friend.  

I just came across an everyday Christmas gift tag - about 1 1/2 " square with a mug of holly against a red backdrop - that was on a long-ago present.  The tag is anything but everyday to me:    "Kay ~ So little a thing to express all the strengths that are mine through your love and affectionate understanding.  Pete"

Love to all - M/G/N/AK/K

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