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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wistful Thinking 02/22/00

It just dawned on me today that I might not get a chance for quite a while to see our Valentine's tree transformed into Spring.  

Emily  Cowley is coming down from Canada for Spring Break and is stopping by to visit Elsa, with whom she has become friends via fairies & e-mail, but they have never met. 

The two - or three or four or more - of them will transform the tree from a warm rosy glow and stuffed animals to bright colors,  butterflies, flowers, birds and fairies.  Elsa is busily cutting out pictures from magazines and favorite cards and even a catalogue, since we do not have spring ornaments. 

Yadah Alden send a beautiful butterfly, a small wooden bird, a ribbon bird (I love ribbon birds, don't you) and a silk iris.  How kind.

It may be a while - or not - before I get to see the finished product.  My surgery is scheduled for March 7 and I have no idea how long a recovery from a total shoulder replacement takes.

What a miracle, being able to replace a shoulder.  Just call me the Bionic Grammy!

Thank you for putting up with what that urbane aristocratic sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, would call piffling.  I am having fun!  Love to all ~ M/G/N/K/AK

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