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Monday, March 10, 2014

Light as air 03/10/00

What a difference a day makes.  As I went through getting ready for bed last night, I realized how many things I can still do with my bum right arm. I started thinking about what the specialist said - that there was a good possibility of losing all function of my arm and increased pain if I opt for surgery.  I have always said that old age ain't for sissies. The fact is, today I felt as light as air, like a kid of 70.

There are so many things I can look forward, things that I thought I would miss - my granddaughter's shower next Saturday, her rehearsal dinner, her wedding;  getting my cataracts taken care of;  being up & about as spring flirts with us. 

To celebrate my lightness of being, here are some quotes from SARK on loving succulently (lovely word):

>  Learn to fight your inner critics as fiercely as you would an attacker.  The inner critics started for a good purpose when we were small and grew out of proportion to what we need now.  Learning to stop inner critic attacks is essential for love to grow.

>  Wake up to love.  Most of us are asleep without even knowing it. Love is a conscious process of truth-telling and soul-sharing.  Be awake for what pops up. 

>  It is very tempting to distance, or disappear, or hide from the broken places and deeper layers of love.  Ultimately, this doesn't work. 

>  Turn your face towards love and find the dancing part of your heart.

>  Welcome the dark parts of love and deep, unknown layers.  Let them speak too.  

>  Please surrender to love.  Let love in past all your armor.  Let love

flow past all the floodgates ~ float in the arms of love. >>

Love to one & all ~ Auntie Kay

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