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Saturday, March 8, 2014

May there be a blessing 02/26/00

I am so very sad to have missed Ceri Holm and Eric Stein's wedding.  That  blasted shoulder!  Ceri is very dear to my heart and Eric looks promising (dashing & funny!). 

Elsa has been on the go with wedding to-dos since early this morning.  From what I understand, it was the most magnificent wedding
she's seen, and she has seen quite a few.  We hardly ever missed a Bryn Athyn wedding when she was a young girl;  she always sat on the aisle so the  bride's train could swoosh over her shoe.

I remember David & Elaine's - Ceri's parents - wedding,  He cut such a dashing figure in white tux.  Elaine was so shy, she kept her eyes down.  As they came back down the aisle, after the vows, David kept leaning down to her, encouraging her to look up.  Finally - and I still feel it in my heart - he took her hand firnly in both of his and just beamed for both of them!

Ceri, dear, you are probably reading this well after your wedding, but I just want to say how much I wish I was with you today, and that I send you and Eric all my love and dearest wishes for all the wonders life holds for two people in love and partnership.  May there be a blessing!

Nite-nite & God bless to you all ~ M/G/N/K/AK

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