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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lake Day and Lockharts 03/11/00

This morning felt like an inverted "lake day."  Lockharts have long used the term "lake day" or "a real laker" to describe a bright blue summer day with a certain special quality in the air.  Today felt like a laker, but the type where you woke up to grey, overcast skies and a chill in the air.  We would  bundle up in warm pants and sweaters and take walks along the rocks that line that part of the lake or head into Hawley for the morning.  The weather usually worked itself around to a sunny afternoon and the Lockhart brood  would exchange their warm duds for bathing suits and beach towels and head down to the lake.  If the raw weather hung on, I would make hot cocoa and we would haul out the board games.  Anyway, this morning had the feel of a grey "laker."

Speaking of Lockhart children, Peter and Mim called this week.  It did my mother's heart good to hear their voices.  I assured them that Elsa & John take good care of me and enjoyed getting caught up on their lives.  Was it November or early December they last rang up?   They are both very busy.

Mim, who lives in central NJ, explained she has been laid low with a particularly nasty cold.  Poor lass, her clients still expect her to turn up to work with their children (a social worker, she does wonders with autistic children), no matter how under the weather she is.  I wish I get myself over there to  brew her a nice hot cuppa chamomile tea.  

Peter, who lives in Hatboro, mentioned coming to the hospital during the surgery, but (oops)  didn't call to confirm or find out when the surgery was scheduled for, just showed up at Holy Redeemer.  What a pickle - he was there, but I was not!

Interesting fact - when you get to be an old biddie like me, memories of children as youngsters and visions as they are now ~ in their 40s, 50s and 60s ~ somehow jumble.  It often seems easier for me to see them as they were back in our family's glory days in the '50s than as they are now, if that makes any sense at all.  Good heavens, you will think I am in my dotage!

Thanks for putting up with my rambles.  Love to one and all, am heading up the wooden hill and so to bed -   Grandma L'

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