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Friday, March 7, 2014

Iris 02/21/00

There are so many types of flowers that I love, but iris is my favorite, although they perplex me.  Are they purple or blue?

When I came home from the hospital in the fall, Peter kept the house for a time with beautiful flowers.  By the time he was no longer available, Elsa was busy with all sorts of plans for Christmas decorations.

Recently, she picked up Peter's floral baton and is keeping the house well stocked with spring flowers.  The dining room table feels like spring, with tete-a-tete daffodils, crocus, a bouquet of delicate yellow flowers (neither of us know what they are called, but they look like sunshine) and a smashing bouquet of sunflowers/carnations/daisies from Brenda & Louise.

Crocuses were the first potted flowers Elsa surprised me with, last Saturday.  It was hard to believe they would flower, the shoots looked so slender and delicate.  Then she came into my room on Tuesday morning before leaving for work, a big cheeky grin on her face and something behind her back - the first blooms.  In all my years of gardening, I do not remember ever noticing before how dramatic the yellow-orange stamen is against the purple flower.  My fingers are crossed that I will be able to see Louise Doering Stevens' crocuses (or is it crocii?), which blanket her front lawn.

A bouquet of iris is on the coffee table, where I can look at them all day.  When Elsa first brought them home on Saturday, there was just the slightest suggestion that there might some day be blooms.  I actually gasped when I sat down for Sunday breakfast and saw the first of them unfurling.  So regal. Now, they are all out and thrill me whenever I look at them.

Love to all - M/G/N/AK/K

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