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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rare Woods & Romance 03/13/00

More NYC memories...  About once a year, Pete would make a trip to NYC to pick up rare woods.  I would go with him, not because he needed someone to ride shotgun but because it provided an equally rare opportunity for us to have some time together.

We would leave after the children were off to school.  We would stop for a cup of coffee somewhere along the way and a nibble.  We would cross into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel and work our way up, up, up.  Up to just above Harlem. 

Pete might be picking up rose wood, monkey pod, dimensional walnut or some other rare and beautiful wood.   We would have a leisurely
lunch on the drive home.  

I loved those drives and that time alone, feeling like a couple of kids on a joy ride.  Well, it was the best sort of joy ride, now that I think of it!

Love and to all - Gocky

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