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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cyber Grammie 02/19/2000

This is my first OFFICIAL note to my fellow mind walkers.  I like that phrase.  It describes where I am at the moment - as my physical self cranks down, my mental self seems to be revving up. 

I sit in the big chair in our living room, the one that Brenda says is in the Stickley style and which has massive arms just right for resting my arms or for perching my meals, and pretty much stay put for the day, with occasional laps through the living room, kitchen and dining rooms.   

My friends cannot get over for daily visits, which is so different from when we lived in Bryn Athyn, where I knew everyone up and down every street.   

It is different from my Australian home with Mike & Kerry, which is next door to the pastor's house which is next door to the church which is next door to Baringa (a guest house).  

 I dearly love Squirrel Haven, our home here on Pheasant Run, but part of me will always be homesick for Woodland Road and Dudley Street.

Until I can get out & about again - after surgery on my totally shot right shoulder, I will  content myself with being a cyber Grammie.

Love to all - M/G/N/AK/K

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