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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Doctor's Day!

It really is.  I started off my morning by sending an online card to the two most remarkable doctors I know - Candy & Dave Zeigler.  I spent the rest of the day thinking about the many doctors who have made my life worth living.

Especially on my mind was Dr. Michael J. Bennett, the doctor who changed my life more than any other.   

Mike Bennett came into my life when I was a practically a newly wed.   A friend recommended him when I was suffering from terrible menstrual cramps.  He diagnosed a crooked cervix, which was both the source of my pain and hampering my ability to get pregnant.  Together, we set it right with a combination of medication and exercise.  

I remember one exercise that always gave Pete a hoot - kneeling on our bed, I would put my face on the mattress and hitch up my bottom high as I could. Hardly a sexy sight, I am sure.

Mike was a sensitive, caring but strict obstetrician.  He delivered both Peter and Mike, who is named for him.  Mike Bennett's caring and care touched my life and still does. 

Mike seemed to me blessed with every grace except length of days.  In his late 30s, he ignored his own symptoms until they could not be ignored any longer.  He had cancer.  Ordered to bed rest, he had a hard time resisting being with his children.  

When Mike's beloved little girl, Meryl, beseeched him to play with her, he could not say no, even though she had a cold.  He knew the risks he took, but in his same position I would rather have a happy hour playing with my little girl than an extra month or so of dying.  He caught her cold, which turned into pneumonia and at 41, he was gone.  But not gone, if you know what I mean. 

Happy Doctor's Day, Mike!

Love to all – Mom

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