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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ideal/Real 03/20/00

This week's Contemporary Service was given by Peter Buss, a thought-provoking presentation on Rachel & Jacob & Leah.  There was a lot for me to ponder as I listened to the tape during dinner tonight. 

I tend to lean heavily on what Peter described as "Rachel truths" - truths that bring to mind lofty ideals.  I shied away from the less lovely "Leah truths" - those more mundane truths that help me see what is right in front of my nose, things that need to be done if I am to make the ideal real. 

To me, love was a beautiful, spiritual ideal and it was my privilege to  cherish it.  Now I know that love is first and foremost an action verb.  Love is beautiful & spiritual ~ and it can also be a rough road to hoe, messy, inconvenient and downright confusing.  Love is the fuel & the spark that makes my ancient world go 'round.

XOXOXOXOXOX - the Gramster

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